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NEPLAN can be run in different configurations.

The desktop software is delivered in either of two different configurations: as standalone application for a PC without Internet connection or with a license server running on the company’s site.

Besides the desktop software, NEPLAN is now available as browser-based application. In this case part of the software, in particular the calculations and the projects database is running on cloud or in the intranet. In both cases the software then can also be accessed without a GUI directly through web services.

Standalone application

This variant of the software is used for single users and runs directly on the PC. No internet connection is needed. The software comes with a copy protection.

Application with a license server on the network

This variant of the software can be used in companies where there is more than one person using NEPLAN.  An intranet connection is needed. The software runs on the local PC, but the license server and copy protection have to be installed on the Intranet server. The users can retrieve a license from this server whereby it makes sure that only the previously fixed number of users can use the software at the same time.

Browser application with database and calculations running on the cloud (NEPLAN 360)

This option allows using the software on a yearly base. This license method is applicable for single users, but also for companies with multiple users. In both cases a login and password will be distributed after purchase. Optionally, an administrator can manage the access and roles of the users in the company. The project data can be stored in one single multi-user database or in several databases as well as locally.

Browser appplication with database and calculations running in the Intranet (NEPLAN 360)

This option is available for companies with more users. In this case the software will be hosted on the Intranet server of the company and the IT responsible will administrate login, password and roles. The network data can be stored in one single multi-user database or in several databases as well as locally.

Software as a web service (SAS, NEPLAN 360)

This option allows using NEPLAN  as a web service without its GUI. GIS, SCADA or Smart Grid application providers can directly access functions in the software without using an Internet browser, in particular the calculation modules. A huge number of web services is available for this purpose. This licensing method is time based too. The NEPLAN server, which executes the service can run in the cloud or on the Intranet.