Now we give you the chance to experience our powerful software with the easy-start Neplan 360 Cloud – Engineering Packages that we designed especially for engineers and engineering companies that focus on low cost and high flexibility. You have finally the opportunity to work with the first fully browser-based power system analysis tool and step into the future of cloud computing.

Both our Engineering Packages include all features of the Modules and Functions they come with. Click on each Function or Module below to see its full description.


Neplan 360 Cloud – Engineering Packages 50 & 100

Number of Nodes: Engineering Package 50 allows calculations of networks with maximum 50 nodes and Engineering Package 100 allows calculations of networks with maximum 100 nodes

Functions: Graphical User Interface, Library Manager with predefined component libraries, e.g. over 3500 overcurrent protection devices from different manufacturers

Modules: Load Flow, Short Circuit, Arc Flash, Cable Sizing, Motor Starting, Harmonic Analysis, Overcurrent Protection (Selectivity Analysis), PSS/E Import


There is one way to buy the NEPLAN Engineering Package:

  1. Compiling this order form and the payment will be done through bank transfer.


Neplan 360 Cloud
Engineering Package 50

2750 Euro

























Neplan 360 Cloud
Engineering Package 100

3950 Euro


























Engineering Packages

Basic Packages
With our Engineering Packages, we offer you a year of fully functional software that only differs from a standard license in the restriction in the number of nodes/buses. A node or bus bar is a point where at least two different pieces of equipment are connected (lines, transformers, generators, batteries, etc.)

You enjoy all the advantages of our user-friendly Graphical User Interface and our Library Manager with extensive pre-defined models for cables, OHL, transformers, relays, etc. Our Library Manager allows the exchange of user-defined models across NEPLAN users.

You get to discover our highest requested Basic Modules that are mostly used in power systems studies. We also include our PSS/E Import Interface to assist you implement your already existing networks. The Modules of the packages incorporate all our features and functionalities.

The network data are stored in the cloud, but could also be stored on a local computer for data storage or exchange.


Additionally to any of the Engineering Packages you can order our Support Package. This way you enjoy direct and constant email support in your language from our experienced engineers. Our Support Package covers all matters of software handling.

The cost for the Support Package is 1000.0 Euro and is valid for one year.


Customized Solutions

Do you need to simulate larger networks or run specialized calculations? We are proud to offer you the unlimited version of Neplan 360. This license can handle any number of nodes and includes Modules that you select according to your specific calculations. Combine our basic Modules with our Dynamic Simulator, our Optimization and Protection Modules to construct the most powerful calculation tool you have worked with!
Go to Offer and we will design together a personal solution to meet your needs.