NEPLAN | New version of NEPLAN 360

We are proud to present you NEPLAN 360 10.5.1! In this version we have expanded and improved the functionalities of our software for an even easier and user friendlier experience. Following, you can find a summary of the most important changes.

Calculation Modules
Neplan 360 10.5.1 comes with new calculation modules:

  • Optimal Voltage Regulator Placement
  • Optimal Circuit Breaker Placement
  • Optimal Power Flow with new objectives for Operational Costs of Passive/Active Transformers
  • Small Signal Stability with choice between direct and iterative method for eigenvalues computation

Also, we have added calculation features and improved the existing ones:

  • Load allocation of 2-phase loads
  • Fault clearing
  • Operational State Interface has a new, intuitive design. It now allows you to define apart from the Loading State, also the Topology State
  • Additional phase angles for 2- and 3-winding transformers to simulate harmonics of higher pulse rectifiers


Network Handling

  • Graphics: NEPLAN 360 10.5.1 has a fresh, even sharper appearance! We updated the program icons and our Graphical User Interface for easier handling of graphics, ordering and repositioning. Loading and drawing networks is now even faster.
  • Maps: You can now easily create projects with maps or even export your network to project it on Google Earth.
  • Elements: NEPLAN 360 10.5.1 has the option to search for elements and their neighbors, improved copy & paste and saving. Also, you can now add loads directly in the node dialog.
  • Diagrams: You have now the possibility to enable or disable the update of networks based on a threshold of nodes and the automatic update of network feeders. Selected elements can now be shown in a grid and whole partial networks can be added to a zone or an area.


User Defined Symbols and Data
To meet your personalized needs, we give you the choice of user defined symbols and also the possibility to define and add user defined data to an element.

Print Tool
We have developed a new printing tool that allows you to manipulate and print big networks in detail, also adding maps in the background. You can navigate inside the network, define its scale on the print out and select between overview and detailed mode according to your specifications.


User Administration
You can manage your projects efficiently by being able to display the deleted users and even reactivate them.

You can now load your Load Flow results by selection and also enable or disable automatic loading of results. If the results are not valid anymore you will be informed by a tag.

Even more freedom to work with scenarios now, faster and more efficient search, renaming and retrieval of statistics. You can also update feeders from the respective parent.

PSS/E Export
We have developed a fully functional export of PSS/E format files with all basic network components for easy interchange of data of your projects.