NEPLAN | New version of NEPLAN 360 (Cloud) and Neplan V10 (Desktop)

We are proud to present you the new versions of NEPLAN 360 (Cloud) and NEPLAN V10 (Desktop)!

This new version includes new EMT models in the EMT-ABC calculation module for 2-winding transformers, series and parallel RL and RC elements, new TCSC dynamic model for RMS-DQ0 for improved transient response and new TCSC dynamic controllers in the NEPLAN library. We have also added a new photovoltaic inverter model, available in both RMS-DQ0 and RMS-ABC modules. Finally, new evaluation functions are available for Load Flow Time Simulation with Measurements (e.g. histogram).

This version also includes various new features and improvements in the gas, water and district heating modules, as well as in the power system analysis module.

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