NEPLAN | Data exchange and conversion made easy

Our data conversion tools bring you to the next level of power system analysis. It is now easier than ever to automatically migrate your data from a power system analysis software to new state of the art NEPLAN 360 environment. Our tools allow you to migrate and set up your projects in NEPLAN 360 fast and reliably.

Data conversion tools – we can upgrade you to NEPLAN 360 from:

  • PSS/E® Import (RAW, SEQ and DYR files)
  • PowerFactory®
  • DINIS® Import
  • CYME Import
  • IEC 61970 and CIM ENTSO/E (including short circuit, dynamic, diagram, geographic profile). See conformity test here
  • UCTE Import
  • Import from any GIS (Geographical Information System) and SCADA system
  • Others on request

Data exchange interfaces

  • Export reports to MS Excel
  • Export reports to MS Word, also with customized format
  • Export reports to PDF, also with customized format

Contact us to learn more about the ways you can use our platforms to bring your projects in the new environment of NEPLAN 360.