NEPLAN | OEM / SaS Webservice

GIS, SCADA or Smart Grid application providers can have direct access to the functions of NEPLAN V10/360 without using an Internet browser, in particular to all calculation modules. A huge number of Web Services is available for this purpose, e.g.

  • to create and modify the network (with or without graphical representation)
  • to assigning loads, measurements or switch states
  • to perform any calculation available within NEPLAN V10/360
  • to retrieve all results from the calculation
  • to administer users
  • to handle errors
  • to monitor, control and optimize a network

In this case the software is hosted on a NEPLAN Internet or Intranet server and can be used without Graphical User Interface.

NEPLAN add-ons

Taking up of market requirements of international established customers and staying on top of changes in standards and market trends, NEPLAN suggest product development and project specific solutions. Our continuous cooperation with universities through research projects and with committees and associations (FNN, VDE, ENTSO-E, CIGRE, CIRED) allows us to fill in the market gaps as soon as they are created. To the new challenges we reply with specialized and customer specific NEPLAN add-ons and services.

NEPLAN provides modular add-ons with functions that can be adapted and enabled in a project specific way. Processes can be parameterised and can be implemented in an automated way. Also, an operator panel with user interface for administrators facilitates setting of parameters, assignment of functions and jobs to processes.

NEPLAN add-on IEC TS 61970 (CGMES 2.4.15)
CGMES specifies the data exchange between DSOs and upstream TSOs. NEPLAN created this add-on to let the customer carry out automatic load flow time simulation over the parameterised time period (e.g. 3 days). It offers automatic conversion of forecast data to NEPLAN import format for time-dependent data (time series) and lets the data be cyclically imported into NEPLAN. After completing the calculation, the user can automatically export the data model with the results of the load flow time simulation according to CGMES format.

Calculatable data model is available in NEPLAN and can be used for these tasks, while the necessary import and export interfaces are available as a product solution. NEPLAN holds a gold certificate for CIM-based exports and the error potential is low due to product-based solution.

NEPLAN add-on Real Time Data
Realistic analyses based on real-time measured values and switching states is a must for modern power systems. Important parameters include analysis of what-if scenarios, consideration of reference days, predictive load flow calculation and load flow time simulation with measurements.

This add-on offers data integration with network control systems, interfaces for the import of measured values and switching states and easy integration into the network control center via Thin Client (web browser). IT security requirements are considered through encrypted data exchange between network control system and NEPLAN.

NEPLAN makes use  of synergies in network management and network planning through a common network data model while the load flow time simulation is more realistic, using real measured value time series instead of standardized load profiles. Additional analysis methods and decision-making aids for network management are also available.

NEPLAN add-on Load Modelling
The motive for the development of this add-on was the need for interfacing to GIS supplemented by interfaces to other systems such as SAP for load modeling as well as the modelling of load scenarios and operating states from operational data.

NEPLAN add-on Load Modelling offers generation of load scenarios leading to more realistic outcomes, processing of different sources and adjustment of the calculation through fine tuning of parameters. You get the advantage of flexible file formats and individually adaptable solution to existing data sources.

NEPLAN add-on Data Management
The demand for interfacing to GIS and for incremental data model preparation, together with the need for optimization of the data model, the creation of structural characteristics and the reduction of nodes led to the proposal of the NEPLAN add-on Data Management.

With this add-on, the user can generate a computable network data model with structural features and optimize network data models. Initial data import and incremental data synchronization is possible, as well as the optimization of larger networks for performance. Finally, it gives the possibility of incremental data model changes.

NEPLAN integration in GIS-Solutions
NEPLAN calculation libraries have been successfully integrated in GIS-Solutions so that it is now possible to run powerful network analysis and optimization calculations directly from within GIS, without having to use the graphical user interface of the network analysis software itself.

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