NEPLAN has been selected by the Swiss, German, Austrian and Czech electrical organizations (VSE, VDN, VEÖ, CSRES) to develop and maintain a software, which allows the evaluation of electrical equipment connection to LV and MV networks according to the standard “Technical Rules for the Assessment of Network Disturbances D-A-CH-CZ”.

The evaluation is done according the following criterias

  • Voltage drop
  • Voltage rise
  • Flicker
  • Harmonics
  • Voltage unbalance
  • Reactive power compenastion
  • Commutation
  • Evaluation of measurements
  • Selectivity analysis and breaking condition for LV-fuses (fuse reach)

and considers power quality issues, especially in respect of renewable energies, e.g. wind, photovoltaic.

The base calculation are loadflow, voltage drop, short circuit , harmonic and motor starting analysis.

The software is available as own product “NEPLAN-DACH” or as a module within NEPLAN. NEPLAN-DACH is available as desktop or browser based solution in the cloud and has a limited set of functionality in respect to NEPLAN. It is therefore even easier to use.