NEPLAN 360 is the only premium network calculation tool that runs in the cloud. NEPLAN 360 is available everywhere via the Internet using a NEPLAN app, while NEPLAN 10 continues to be installed on-premises, either in the local intranet or as a standalone solution on the desktop.

Intranet solution – NEPLAN V10 (on premise)

For intranet solution the software will be installed on the client’s server as well as the SQL-database containing the network. The multi-user database is based on MS-SQL and built to handle large networks and also a large number of users. A comprehensive user administration is available for handling access rights of the master database. Study cases (e.g. network extension plan) originated from the master database are managed user-specifically. The software can access map servers which are used by the Geographical Information Systems  (GIS) in order to display any map together with the network. Network data can also be stored on local files for using it on the desktop solution.

Cloud solution – NEPLAN 360

There are no differences between the intranet (on premise) and cloud solution. As a result, new licensing models are available for the users, thus, it is possible to use the software only for a limited time. The network data is stored in the cloud but it can also be exported to the local machine.

Both solutions have the advantage to allow easy maintenance in a company with more users, e.g. multi-national companies. No installation on desktop computers are needed nor copy protection issues and all users consume the same software version.

NEPLAN V10/360 is accessible through Web Services and allows therefore an easy integration with external GIS, SCADA or Smart Grid application, which is a big advantage over a classical desktop solution. The software therefore can have the function of a software service (SaS).