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NEPLAN has a client-server architecture and is able to run in a multi-user environment.  The User Administration tool allows assigning access rights to the individual users or group of users. The software integrates an intelligent data locking mechanism to prevent overriding when working on same part of network. In general the following databases are used: SQL Server or SQL Express.

The variant management system allows to manage study cases in a multi-user environment. It could be used to compare, merge and keep track of the version of master database (database versioning).


NEPLAN is available in different configurations:

NEPLAN V10: Standalone application

The software application is used for a single user and runs directly on the desktop. No internet connection is needed. The software comes with a Softlock protection.

NEPLAN V10: Application and database running in the Intranet

This option is available for companies with one or more users. In this case the software will be hosted on the Intranet server of the company and the IT responsible will administrate login, password and roles.

NEPLAN 360-Cloud: Application and database running on the Cloud

This option allows using the software on a yearly base. This license method is applicable for single users, but also for companies with multiple users. In both cases a login and password will be distributed after purchase. Optionally, an administrator can manage the access and roles of the users in the company.

NEPLAN V10/360: Software as a service (SAS)

This option allows using NEPLAN as a web service without its GUI. GIS, SCADA or Smart Grid application providers can directly access functions and calculation modules in the software without using an Internet browser. A large number of web services is available for this purpose. The NEPLAN server, which executes the service can run in the cloud or in the Intranet.

OEM integration with calculation DLL

This option is a standalone application that does not require a NEPLAN installation, nor internet connection. It allows integrating the NEPLAN functions and algorithm in a third-party software using a C# Interface (API). The licensing method is machine-code based and it provides the opportunity for great flexibility and faster development for the user.