NEPLAN | Free Demo / Student Version


The free demo / student version is a restricted and simplified, but fully executable version, which allows to enter and calculate networks up to 15 nodes and includes the basic calculation modules: Load Flow, Short Circuit, Dynamic Simulator, Harmonic Analysis, Overcurrent Protection and Reliability Analysis.

Although it contains only a very limited range of functions you will get a good overview of the software and there are many pre-defined examples as well as pre-defined libraries for network elements, protection devices and control circuits for dynamic analysis available. The pre-defined examples with the libraries could be very well used for educational purposes. There are no differences between the demo version and the student version. It will expire after six months and could be prolonged by Email request.

In order to get the demo / student version you need to

  1. click on button “Download App”.
  2. install the NEPLAN App on your computer, which allows the access to the demo version
  3. register yourself on the login dialog
  4. activate the license within 6 hours after having got an Email to your Email-address (if you did not get an Email, please check your spam folder)
  5. login with the received login data.

The above mentioned process is described in more detail here.


  • Introductory video to Graphical User Interface (Tutorial) could be found here.
  • Introductory video to Load flow calculation could be found here.
  • Introductory video to Dynamic (Stability) analysis could be found here.
  • Learning video for modelling controllers for Stability analysis with NSL-SymDef could be found here


NEPLAN as demo or student version is only available in the cloud, but the full software version is available as installed (server, desktop) NEPLAN V10 or as cloud (NEPLAN 360) solution.

NEPLAN offers excellent packages in the cloud for smaller utilities and engineering companies on subscription base. These packages are described in the e-shop and include all necessary modules for distribution grids and for industrial and generation networks in respect of voltage drop, weak point analysis, motor starting, cable dimensioning, security aspects, selectivity analysis for protection and harmonic issues due to power electronics.

Click here for the demo/student version:

Download App


For further information contact:

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