NEPLAN | Time simulation

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This module enables the user to model time dependent processes using factor profiles or measurements for all consuming or supplying elements.

General Characteristics and Results

  • Simulation of reservoir filling and emptying process
  • Defining events such as: “if flow in pipe a below a certain value, disconnect pipe b”
  • Simulation of any kind and size of networks
  • No restriction on number of nodes and elements
  • Simultaneous calculation of any number of partial networks
  • Calculation with load factor profiles (day, week, season, weekdays, Sundays, long term, etc.)
  • Import of measured consumption data
  • Documentation of the processes in excel like table sheets and in user defined time diagram charts
  • To each node an individual load profile can be defined (day, week, season, weekdays, Sundays, etc.)
  • Considering time characteristics for reservoirs for supply, outflow and water height (day, week, season, weekdays, Sundays, long term etc.)