NEPLAN | Operational Asset Management Module

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Due to radical changes taking place in the energy markets the affected companies feel a constantly rising pressure to cut costs. Among others, there is considerable potential for this in the field of maintenance. Selecting a suitable maintenance strategy can result in a substantial reduction of maintenance costs without putting the required functionality at risk.

In order to achieve the required cost savings, an individual, accurate and verifiable valuation of  assets is essential. This module allows the user to evaluate each asset with a self defined assessment system and realize an effective short and middle term maintenance planing.

General Characteristics

  • Data can be stored in any database (e.g. Oracle, MS-Access, SQL Server etc.) or directly in a NEPLAN file
  • Allows easy integration to existing ERP systems (e.g. SAP)
  • Assessment criterion can be added or changed by the user
  • Allows quickly to assess the conditions of the components
  • Different charts give a useful overview over the overall conditions of the components
  • A budgeting evaluation tools is available, which calculates the costs for the following maintenance strategies:
    • TBM Estimation (estimated time based maintenance)
    • TBM (time based maintenance)
    • CBM (condition based maintenance)
    • RCM (reliability based maintenance)
  • Integrates smoothly with our famous NEPLAN-Reliability module
  • Using the RCM module in NEPLAN any calculation result can be used to calculate condition or importance (e.g. use calculated loadings for lines, ENS (Energy Not Supplied), … )
  • Can be excellently used for reinvestment strategies


Due to NEPLANs up-to-date technology and advanced visualization functions the evaluation and processing of results was never easier.

  • Display asset valuation results for each asset individually
  • The style of each diagram is customizable and can be saved and reloaded if necessary
  • Show results in diagrams or tables
  • Export of tables to ASCII files or MS-Excel
  • Export of diagrams to jpeg