NEPLAN | Protection Data Management System (PDMS)

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PDMS is a browser-based management software that allows the user to create, modify and delete protection devices, manage existing protection libraries or add new ones and keep history of all changes in the master database.

Apart from parameters used for creating characteristics, PDMS also handles additional parameters that ensure the correct behavior of the protection devices in the field. All parameters can be imported from Excel lists or XML files and are accessible through dialogs.

Using a sophisticated user administration scheme, PDMS offers different types of accessibility to the master data base that contains the complete network model and all protection devices. Intranet users have direct access to PDMS database. Desktop users store their project in a local database with bidirectional communication with the PDMS database.

There are three type of users with access to the Protection Data Management System (PDMS):

  • Users able to change the network model
  • Users able to manage the protection device (adding, modifying, setting)
  • Desktop Users or Intranet users able to perform power system analysis and relay settings as well as to update the master database

The complete network that is stored on the intranet server contains primary and secondary components, that means transmission network with all sub and power stations:

  • All protection devices (over current, distance, differential, transformer, generator, etc.) with current and voltage transformers
  • Controllers (AVR, PSS, governors, turbines, HVDC controllers, etc.)

The protection devices are accessible directly from the single line diagram or from a tree view list and they can be assigned the following data:

  • Location related to the network model (sub station, voltage level, bay)
  • Setting parameter, which are used for creating the tripping characteristic
  • Additional parameters of the protection device
  • Hyperlinks to protection manuals in PDF-format
  • Hyperlinks to comtrade files

NEPLAN offers the following advantages:

  • Management of any protection devices on the network plan in a multi-user environment
  • Integrated adjustment and coordination of protection devices in meshed networks
  • Predefined and user-defined protection device models and extensive protection device library
  • Storage of any information such as files, manuals and test reports
  • Protection coordination with selectivity diagram and tripping schedule
  • Macro language for protection device modeling for dynamic analysis