NEPLAN | Overhead Line / Cable Parameter Calculation

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This module allows the calculation of mutual impedances and capacitances in the positive and negative-sequence systems by entering the information on the conductors characteristics and configuration. If the coupling impedances and the line data are known, they can be entered directly in the line-coupling and line data dialogues.

General Characteristics

  • Circuit and coupling parameters of the overhead lines are computed from the conductor configuration
  • Overhead lines with up to 6 3-phase systems and 3 earth wires can be computed
  • Each system can have symmetrical or asymmetrical structure: any phase(s) can be omitted
  • Earthing of 3-phase systems is considered
  • Unrestricted number of overhead lines can be entered
  • Handling of parallel, galvanically connected systems
  • Consideration of system characteristics such as segmentation, line-twisting, slacking, etc.
  • Parameters and conductor configuration are saved in an SQL database

Line coupling is considered by the Short Circuit Calculation, the Distance Protection Module and for asymmetrical Load Flow.