NEPLAN | Network Modelling

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NEPLAN is handling any type of electrical networks for transmission, distribution and industrial/generation.

Network types:

  • Meshed or radial 1-phase, 2-phase, 3-phase with separate representation of neutral and/or ground
  • Meshed or radial DC systems
  • Combination of AC and DC networks with AC/DC and/or DC/AC converter
  • Grounded, impedance grounded, resonance-grounded and isolated

Voltage levels:

  • Ultra-high voltage to low voltage
  • All voltage levels are handled in one calculation run

Grouping of network components 

  • Area/subarea, zones/subzones, feeder, substation, element groups
  • Partial networks, isolated networks, grounded networks
  • Owner
  • Tie-lines or -components

Passive network components

  • Overhead lines with tower geometry and calculated mutual coupling
  • Any cable with parameter calculation
  • 2-, 3- and 4- winding and autotransformer
  • Special asymmetrical transformers  (single, two-phase or three-phase configuration)State-of-the art Phase shifting transformers (4-quadrant)
  • State-of-the art on-load tapchanger with asymmetrical voltage step and impedance correction
  • Voltage regulator and thyristor-based regulator (single, two-phase or three-phase configuration)
  • Filters and RLC components
  • Earthing transformers and earthing systems for common earthing of components
  • User-defined models


  • Load switch, disconnect switch, busbar coupler (single phase, 3-phase configurations)
  • LV-, MV-, HV-circuit breaker (single phase, 3-phase configurations)
  • Grounding switch and surge arrester
  • Remote controlled switches
  • Automatic reduction of switches during calculation


  • Any substation configuration with/without bay definition
  • User defined switch bay configuration
  • Supports hierarchical structure
  • Substation templates could be used
  • Definition of grounding system

Renewables and Energy storage

  • Small and large hydro power plant
  • Small and large wind power with detail representation
  • Photovoltaic
  • Biogas
  • Fly wheel for AC/DC machines
  • Compressed air storage


  • HVDC classic with DC-lines (2-port or 3-port configuration)
  • Voltage source converter, HVDC-light (2-port or 3-port configuration)  and PWM
  • DC-reactor and DC-shunt
  • DC-batteries, DC-Fuel cells and DC voltage source
  • DC photovoltaic panel
  • DC-motor and DC-load

Compensation components

  • Line compensation
  • Block-wise shunt compensation in fix, discrete or continuous control mode
  • Static Var compensation and STATCOM
  • Series-compensation with over voltage protection


  • Synchronous machines with state-of-the-art models for steady state and dynamic behaviour for nuclear power
    plant, hydro power plant, gas power plant, combined cycle power plant, coal-fired power plant
  • Direct drive synchronous machine with permanent magnet
  • Double fed asynchronous machines as one port or two port model
  • Disperse generation
  • External Grid (voltage source)
  • User-defined models


  • Asynchronous machines with all  kind of start-up devices
  • Synchronous with all  kind of start-up devices
  • Automatic motor parameter identification out of input values in function of slip
  • Converter fed drive
  • User-defined models


  • Motor, constant current and constant power load or mixed
  • Composite load for LV-consumers
  • LV-loads assigned to lines, e.g. cables
  • Frequency dependent loads for HV
  • synthetic load profiles (day, season) and measurements
  • load forecast


  • Generators, motors, transformers, compensation, HVDC, VSC or any other component could be controlled. e.g.
    Automatic Voltage regulators, Turbines, Governors, PSS
  • Secondary control for frequency or balancing control
  • Controllers are built with help of function blocks or simulation language (MatLab)
  • Pre-defined controllers are available


  • Over current relay with i/t characteristic, supports all standards IEC, BS, ANSI/IEEE
  • LV- and MV-circuit breaker, fuses, recloser
  • More than 3500 protection models available
  • Distance protection with any R/X-characteristic
  • Voltage, frequency and power swing relay
  • Pole slip relay
  • Differential relay
  • User-defined modelling of any protection device with function blocks