NEPLAN | Web Services / Scripting / OEM Integration

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NEPLAN has different possibilities to define automated processes in regard to simulation, updating the network model and importing real time measurements, creation of user-defined calculation functions, interfacing with external systems, etc.

Web Services

The NEPLAN web service for C# allows editing all network model parameters, running all network calculation and retrieving the calculation results as well as calling all import/export functionality. Applications using NEPLAN web services are communicating with NEPLAN, which could be hosted on a desktop, in an Intranet or Internet environment. The web services allows to develop Apps to access network and measurements data as well as information about protection devices in the field. The high level programming language Python is supported by the NEPLAN web services. This is often used to create batch processing.


OEM Integration
NEPLAN offers an API library (DLL-Library) to integrate the complete set of NEPLAN functionality into external system, such as Geographical Information Systems, SCADA, DMS or Smart Grid application. An external application, which uses the NEPLAN API, runs completely independent on the installed solution of NEPLAN.


Event Editor for Remedial Actions
The scripting language within NEPLAN allows to create custom events during a calculation process. In this way remedial actions could be easily defined. Every state of the simulated network can be monitored and, if necessary, adjusted, e.g. dispatch of generated power in case of overload or adjust the transformer tap in case of voltage violations.