NEPLAN | Flicker Analysis

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The Flicker Analysis calculates the voltage change and short-term and long-term flicker intensity caused by permanent load (current) change of a component at the point of connection.

The components connected to the network could be consumers, but also renewable energy sources, like wind power plant. The decisive input parameters are the change of current, its power factor and the repeat rate of this change per minute. Based on this input values the voltage drop and flicker will be calculated.

General Characteristic

  • Considers 1-phase, 2-phase or 3-phase flicker causing components
  • Calculation of voltage drop or rise dU
  • Calculation of short term flicker intensity Pst and long term flicker intensity Plt
  • Considering different kind of voltage change characteristics
  • Flicker intensity calculation according to an analytical method possible
  • Summation of all flicker causing components in the network
  • Summation of measured flicker values with new flicker-causing components
  • Evaluation of the limits given by standards
  • Special treatment of wind power plants
  • Graphical result output with the flicker emission limit curve