NEPLAN | Loadflow Time Simulation

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The module Load Flow Time Simulation uses measured time series as well as synthetic load or generation profiles. Based on the normal load flow calculation, time ranges from minutes to years can be simulated. The result is again time dependent quantities, which are evaluated using statistical methods. In case synthtic load or generation profiles are used, the loads and generations are scaled according to the profiles defined for a Day, a Weak or Season and for a Long Term behaviour (see Scaling Types section).


  • Time-value curves
  • Violated limits are reported (maximum values and time percentage)
  • Minimum, maximum and average values
  • Histograms for voltages and element loadings
  • Duration curves for any variable type
  • Storage of minima and maxima as operating conditions


Main Features

  • Statistical values visible in the single line diagram
  • All results can be displayed in charts
  • Results tables
  • Option for parallel calculation
  • Topology changes definable




  • Time simulation with synthetic profiles could be found  here.
  • Time simulation with field measurements could be found  here.
  • Time simulation with load allocation could be found  here.