NEPLAN | Electromagnetic Transient (EMT)

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The EMT simulation module requires the RMS simulation module and allows to perform electromagnetic transient simulation in ABC reference frame (multi-phase system), where the electrical model quantities are described by their instantaneous values. The module implements a unique mathematical framework for large-scale, nonlinear system with fast/slow continuous and discrete (hybrid) events. The initialization of the mathematical model is performed by high sophisticated algorithms in an automatic way and is fully integrated. The time-consuming model-specific initialization process could be omitted. The NEPLAN Simulation Language (NSL-SymDef) is used to define models, but an extensive built-In library is also available.

The module has the similar characteristics in respect of modelling and co-simulation as the RMS stability analysis, supports COMTRADE-files and has Frequency analysis Tool with Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). The module is used, but not limited to

  • Transient over voltages
    – Load rejection
    – Ground fault
  • Transient Switching over voltages (e.g. line energization)
  • Transformer/capacitor/filter-energization (inrush current)
  • Ferro-resonance
  • Sub-synchronous resonance