NEPLAN | Day – Ahead Congestion Forecast

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Purpose of the Day – Ahead Congestion Forecast module (DACF) is to build UCTE files for different topology and loading network scenarios (cases). It can be used for importing UCTE files,  running load flows for every hour of the next day and storing the load flow results in UCTE format or as a NEPLAN project.

General Characteristics

  • Import UCTE-formatted network data (own network, partner network data)
  • Use of reference network data in case of missing partner files
  • Check for errors and consistency of imported UCTE files
  • Import topology and loading data for each hour of the next day
  • Use of map files in order to export only certain HV nodes and lines from the detailed network model
  • Easy handling as all information is stored in the project, so that the overhead of restarting DACF computation each day is minimal


  • Export UCTE-formatted data for own network for each hour of the next day. Each file corresponds to the load flow solution for the actual loading and topology state of that hour
  • Create a network model (NEPLAN nepprj file) for each hour of the next day. The user can edit and work on each NEPLAN file directly