NEPLAN | Anywhere Monitoring



NEPLAN Anywhere can retrieve smart-meter data from the Measurement Data Management (MDM) system and process/visualize them. This can be done in two modes:

  • Offline mode for planning
  • Online/real-time mode for monitoring

In both cases, the access to smart meters and the measurement data management (MDM) system will be done through web services.

The offline mode is useful for planning purposes. For instance, one could perform a day-ahead forecast in order to anticipate thermal overloads or voltage violations in the network. Similarly, critical situations from the past could be retrieved from the MDM system and analysed.

The online/real-time mode works with real-time measurement data. Missing prosumer’s measurements are estimated in each simulation in order to obtain a complete and reliable model of the network. For each network component, the current, active/reactive power and voltage are simulated and visualized in a dashboard. Moreover, the associated operating limits are checked during each simulation and in case of violations reported and archived for future use. In case of limit violations, the network operator is alerted.

Notably, these findings are important input data for the health management in NEPLAN Operational Asset Management.

Online monitoring of a MV/LV network