NEPLAN | Anywhere Management of Connection Requests


Management of Connection Requests

NEPLAN Anywhere manages the connection requests along with the network model. This is an important condition for making a correct assessment. The connection requests can be entered either directly in NEPLAN Anywhere or be imported/updated from an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system via webservices. Each entry in the management system contains a time stamp and the implementation status of the connection request (i.e., approved/rejected or installed). The results of all assessments are archived and can be retrieved anytime later.

Handling of connection requests

Connection requests can be managed in two ways: requests can either be
entered directly in NEPLAN Anywhere or imported/updated from the
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Retrieval of previous connection requests

Previous connection requests can be retrieved and displayed (incl.
input values and results). The results are visualized in the form of a
traffic light, just like during the original assessment.