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Made For Mobile Devices

Traditionally, grid planning is done in the office. Every now and then, an on-site inspection in the transformer station or at the line rout is necessary, but the data entry as well as grid analyses are performed only in the office. The user interface of the intranet solution NEPLAN 10 and the cloud solution NEPLAN 360 are optimized precisely for this use case: i.e., working on a desktop or laptop computer. Nowadays, more and more decisions need to be taken on site. For instance, one would like to assess on site at the end-user whether solar panels or a charging station with a given rated power can be approved or not. This is not possible with a software that is installed on a conventional computer: desktop computers cannot be moved, and carrying laptop computers is cumbersome. A solution for mobile devices, which most people have on them anyways, would be ideal.

NEPLAN Anywhere is browser-based and optimized specifically for mobile

NEPLAN Anywhere is a browser-based solution which has been designed and optimized specifically for mobile devices, such as tablet computers and smartphones. One can access the NEPLAN server via the browser interface wherever an internet connection is available. The user interface is simple and clear: apart from the network plan, only the necessary minimum of information is displayed. Therefore, it is straightforward to enter data and launch analyses even on small devices. The detailed grid model is stored in the NEPLAN server, and can be used for network analyses, but does not need to be modified.

Calling a load-flow analysis on the smartphone

Calling a grid-capacity analysis for PV or e-mobility on the