NEPLAN | Steady State Modeling of Renewable Energy

Goal of the training course

The goal is to acquaint the trainees briefly with NEPLAN in general with a strong focus on modelling renewable energy generation and storage systems in steady state. At the end of the training, participants will

  • Refresh their knowledge of NEPLAN
  • Know how to use the loadflow and loadflow with profiles modules
  • Be able to utilize the NEPLAN elements disperse generation and energy storage devices

This is an introductory training course, prior knowledge of NEPLAN is welcomed but not mandatory.

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Input of user defined networks
  • Edit technical data of NEPLAN elements
  • Introduction loadflow
  • Introduction loadflow with load profiles
  • Handling of disperse generation, voltage regulators and energy storage devices
  • Handling of regulator types of disperse generation NEPLAN element
  • Presentation of results in diagrams and tables