NEPLAN | Introduction / Graphical User Interface

Goal of the training course

In this basic course you will get to know NEPLAN as a planing and operating tool for electrical networks, while the priority is set to the graphical user interface.
After this course you will be able to enter electrical networks in NEPLAN, and you will know, what you have to care about during the data input.
You will be able to represent the network according to your needs and you will know how to work with diagrams, graphic layers and variants.

Course content

  • Input of a network
  • Different ways of network representation (schematic/geographic)
  • Data Input for network elements
  • Colouring of the network according to different criteria
  • Text and result boxes
  • Working with a map in the background (import, calibration)
  • Element libraries
  • Symbol libraries
  • Definition of areas and zones
  • Scaling factors
  • Schemas and graphic layers
  • Use of variants
  • Export/import of data tables and graphics to MS Excel and Word
  • Printing schemas and data-tables
  • Context sensitive help

To whom is this course addressed?

You are not familiar with NEPLAN yet, but you would like to learn the benefits  of the software and its most important features for the calculation and planning of electrical networks.

You already know NEPLAN, but you used it rarely until now. You would like to get more familiar with the program and get to know all the useful graphic functionalities.