NEPLAN | Gestión de Activos

The NEPLAN Asset Management Tool answers the questions «what happens if…». This Tool offers outmost flexibility modelling any system, it allows the asset managers to evaluate each asset individually  and define a medium and long-term asset strategy in order to optimize the investment and maintenance planing as well as the power supply reliability and many more.

The customizable software has a modular concept and covers all aspects of

  • RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) and
  • Asset Simulation

The software is available in different technologies: as desktop application, in the web browser as internet solution on the cloud or as intranet solution and as a web service.

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Asset Management

Módulo de Simulación de Activos

La definición de estrategias para inversiones de mediano y largo plazo es una tarea importante del proceso de simulación de activos. El objetivo es garantizar los requisitos de funcionalidad y calidad de todo sistema lo más rentable posible. Aparte de la rentabilidad y aspectos de calidad, otros índices económicos tales como DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) juegan un papel clave para formar la mejor estrategia.

Gestión de datos

El manejo de la administración de datos en el módulo de gestión de activos es altamente flexible.

Reliability Centered Maintenance Module (RCM)

Due to radical changes taking place in the energy markets the affected companies feel a constantly rising pressure to cut costs. Among others, there is considerable potential for this in the field of maintenance. Selecting a suitable maintenance strategy can result in a substantial reduction of maintenance costs without putting the required functionality at risk.