NEPLAN | Voltage Quality

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Decreasing short circuit power, increase in consumers and generators with power electronics devices and decrease in network damping can lead to deterioration of the voltage quality in electrical networks.

NEPLAN offers up-to-date and user friendly calculation modules to ensure assessment based on technical rules and standards, with simple and quick actions.


NEPLAN helps distribution system utilities analyze and solve voltage quality problems with a variety of powerful modules:

  • Flicker Analysis module evaluates flicker limit curves and operating point of a device
  • Harmonics module is a powerful tool to address harmonic distortion problems
  • Load Flow Calculation applies to both symmetrical and unbalanced networks, letting the user investigate the effects of unbalanced load and generation
  • Dynamic Analysis module analyzes transient effects, such as those occurring during switching


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Flicker limit curves and operating point of a device



Transient overvoltage after a switching action, simulated with the Dynamic Simulation module